Lien Searches including construction liens, state tax liens, judgment leans and more

Bronson Abstract Company performs the services that protect our clients, and one of the most important is a Lien Search. A Lien Search is conducted to determine whether there are any unrecorded or ‘overlooked’ liens.

NOTE: While persons or businesses to which a debt is owed typically place liens, liens are NOT limited to lending facilities or mortgage companies. In fact, the debt may or may not be related to the property.

Lien SearchesThere are a multitude of lien types that can adversely affect your interest in a property you want to purchase.
These include:

  • Construction liens
  • State Tax liens
  • Federal Tax Liens
  • Federal Judgment Liens
  • State Judgment Liens
  • Mortgages

Bronson Abstract CompanyA lien search conducted by Bronson Abstract Company can identify which type of lien is placed on a property. It can also indicate whether the lien was placed with the consent of the property owner (consensual) or created by either a governmental entity or by an individual or company authorized to create a lien by law (involuntary).

For all intents and purposes, a lien accomplishes three things:

  1. 1. Prevents the property owner from selling or transferring property prior to lien satisfaction.
  2. 2. Enables the claimant to undertake foreclosure proceedings to satisfy a debt in the case of an involuntary lien.
  3. 3. Establishes priorities among multiple creditors claiming financial interest in a property, which is claimed by a lien.

Trust Bronson Abstract Company to provide peace of mind with a professional lien search.