What to Bring to a Closing / What You Can Expect

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There are a few ways you can help us provide the kind of worry-free closing everyone wants while helping to eliminate the need for any future corrections or additional meetings. Here’s a brief listing of what you should bring:

  • Valid Photo I.D.
    – (acceptable forms of photo identification include a state-issued driver’s license or government-issued picture ID card)
  • Social Security Number
  • Required funds for closing
    – All required funds for closing must be presented in the form of a Certified or Cashier’s Check made payable to:
    Bronson Abstract Company Escrow Account
    (Please note: the requirement to provide certified funds is not an issue of trust. We are legally and ethically prohibited from writing checks from our trust account unless the funds to back those checks are on deposit in our trust account. We are not permitted to write checks on your behalf using any funds other than those belonging to you. If you were to bring us a personal check, the check will not clear for several days and, as such, your funds will not be on deposit in our trust account when we are writing our checks on your behalf. However, certified funds do not need to clear and are immediately available to be used upon deposit. We are therefore able to deposit your certified check and immediately write the checks necessary to close your transfer.)
  • Binder for Homeowners Insurance w/ paid receipt
    – Your lender requires adequate homeowners insurance to be in place at the time of closing. Your Binder and receipt for the first year’s premium is proof that this requirement is met.

Closing and escrow in Rogers, AR, as a group meets to discuss escrow service

If you have questions, be prepared to ask them at closing

This is your time to get the answers you want to questions concerning your closing, including any questions you may have about closing costs, the actual net amount due, questions concerning escrow or any other considerations that you would like explained. Remember: the professionals at Bronson Abstract want to make sure you’re comfortable with the entire process…and we’re happy to provide answers to your questions. We do suggest making a written list prior to closing and bringing it with you. There are a number of documents to cover and information to share so trying to remember everything isn’t easy. Having a written list ensures your concerns are addressed and your questions are asked…and answered to your satisfaction.

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