Property Title Search in Bentonville, Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers

If you are planning to buy a new property, you must be looking for a title company that will help you dig out information about the property from the past. Bronson Abstract Company, a full-service title company has been dealing in this line of residential and commercial title insurance business for many years now. We specialize in the fields of lien search, property title search and title insurance closing, escrow, and even for sale by owner (FSBO).  Our customers from the regions of Bentonville, Fayetteville, AR, Springdale, Rogers, AR, and Bella Vista, AR trust us as we provide authentic information within time and with proof.

Below we have mentioned a few important documents to be verified in the property title search. Take a look.Man going over Property Title Search in Bella Vista, AR, Springdale, Rogers, AR, Bentonville, and Surrounding Areas

  • Encumbrance certificate

This is a document that shows or proves that the property you are looking at is legally free of any mortgage or outstanding loan. It also provides the name and a few details of its preceding owner and whether or not he or she has paid all the dues before passing on the title to its new owner.

  • Property tax slips

Always make sure to ask for the tax slip of the property from the previous owner. This will give you a clear picture of whether the property is regularized or illegal, it even provides detail about the colony or the area you’re buying the property in. These tax slips will also show any pending duties to the municipal authority.

  • The mother documents

This document is the main one that shows the origin of the title. After going through the seller’s title deed and before signing on the dotted line make sure to ask for the mother document as this shows the four most of the true owner of the property who has the right to make the sale.

So, if you are looking for a professional title search company to do background research about a property or planning to buy, you can get in touch with us at 479-442-2700.